Audi oil change and replacement for your Audi car

We can check and change the oil in your Audi vehicle. We have over 10 years’ experience in the motor trade and Audi mechanics working under our roof with years and years of experience. It is important to get the oil checked or replaced in your Audi vehicle as the oil is the life blood of your vehicle.

Your Audi car needs the oil as it helps the car function correctly especially when it comes to the engine and the gearbox. If you didn’t have adequate levels of oil in the engine then this can cause serious damage to your Audi vehicle as carbon, dust and dirt will build up causing engine components to cease bringing your Audi car to a stop.

Here are photos of our mechanics changing the oil filter and replacing the oil for an Audi vehicle owner from our Cardiff based garage workshop.

Oil in your Audi car keeps everything smooth and moist and ensures everything works efficiently. Here are photos of our Audi mechanics changing the oil on a recent vehicle.

Another important job oil does inside your Audi vehicle is absorb the heat away from your engine. In the Audi engine there are hundreds of combustion’s that take place creating heat, if this heat is not extracted then it can lead to the engine over heating then blowing up and you will be faced with a big bill to rebuild the engine or have it replaced.

We have already mentioned that the oil in your Audi vehicle helps absorb the dust and carbon inside the engine and gearbox. Overtime however, you have to check the oil to make sure it has not turned into thick black sludge, if the oil has turned into sludge then this means the oil loses its effectiveness and will not perform the duties it needs to.

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