We are a car and vehicle Lexus brake specialist and can service or replace your Lexus’s brakes and ABS Brakes

We are a vehicle and car brake specialist and can service or replace the brakes and ABS brakes on your Lexus model. The brakes are obviously very important, they help your Lexus car slow down out on the road or when you need to stop quickly in an emergency.

Your Lexus brakes must always be in tip top condition at all times. Here are photos of out experienced mechanics servicing brakes and ABS brakes at our garage workshop.


Are your brakes grinding when out on the road

If you are hearing a grinding noise when you brake this is a classic sign that your Lexus brakes and ABS brake system has warn out. Warn out brakes are dangerous when out on the road. If you cannot slow down efficiently at the lights or in an emergency because of warn out brakes you can have a serious accident. Not to mention serious accidents, after you have recovered will the car recover or be written off.

A simple way to avoid braking problems is to get the brakes on your Lexus vehicle or Lexus car serviced from our independent car garage pictured below.


Symptoms you have a brake problem

To help you recognise you have a brake problem here are a few things to look out for.

Symptom 1 – Noisy grinding Lexus brakes

Are you applying the brake pedal on your Lexus car or Lexus vehicle and feeling a grinding sensation, this is a sign that your Lexus ABS brakes or Lexus brake pads have reached the end of their life.

Symptom 2 – The ABS light is visibly lit up on your Lexus dashboard

An obvious signal to get your Lexus brakes checked over is when the ABS light lights up on the dashboard. You should immediately bring your Lexus car or Lexus vehicle to the garage to get the brakes checked over.

Symptom 3 – Spongey Lexus brakes feeling

Do your Lexus brakes feel spongey. Imagine you are holding to wet sponges and you squeeze them both together and then when you release them they spring back into shape giving you a spongey feeling. Well if your Lexus brake pedal feels like that and spongey then this could mean you have a brake problem.

We service hundreds of Lexus cars ABS brakes and Lexus vehicle brakes every year and service up to 10 vehicles a day.

Contact A1 Diagnostics

We will provide the cost for replacing the Lexus brakes. We are a Lexus brake specialist and can ensure that your brakes are serviced at the best prices without sacrificing on quality. Contact us we are happy to help.


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