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We are Land Rover Gearbox Specialists in Cardiff & South Wales

If you are enquiring about gearboxes then you have come to the right place. We are specialists in gearbox reconditioning, gearbox repairs and if you need a new gearbox we can also pull from the large stock we have from our sister company Major Motors.

We can service from our garage workshop pictured below anything from 100 vehicles a month from cars, lorries, smart cars and a whole range of different brands.


More often than not when we strip down a gearbox to see what the problems are it is clear to see that the gears teeth have worn away causing gear selection problems. The photos we have recently taken below are a good example of this and just one common problem.



We can recondition gearboxes of all brand types and have mechanics with years of experience in the vehicle service trade, we also invest in all of the latest technology ensuring we have the best facilities that help us deliver a reliable and cost effective service.

We can also access stock from our sister company Major Motors who are the biggest stockist of gearboxes and gearbox parts in Cardiff (examples of stock are shown in the photos below) so in the event you may need a reconditioned gearbox or low mileage spare parts we can get them very quickly ensuring a quick turnaround.


So if you need any advice on any gearbox problems you maybe having or if you are experiencing problems selecting gears or something seems strange when driving drop us an email or call because we can find out what the problems are.

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We are here to help you with any gearbox advice that you need and are happy to help.


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