We repair and replace blown head gaskets for Fiat cars and vehicles

The head gasket is an important part of the engine. Fiat engines have three fluids that run through them these are motor oil, water coolant and fuel, these liquids should not be mixed and this is where the importance of the head gasket comes into play.

A picture of a head gasket is shown below.

Symptoms of a Blown Head Gasket on a Fiat vehicle

Here is what to look out for if you have a blown head gasket problem on a Fiat vehicle. If your engine is overheating then this is a classic sign that something has gone wrong with the head gasket. The coolant is held by the intake gasket and if this break’s then coolant fluid can end up being mixed in the oil. Other symptoms include:

– Are you seeing white smoke bellowing out of the exhaust, this is a sign that water is being mixed with oil and the head gasket is not keeping the fluids separated.

– If coolant you see coolant leaking from underneath the exhaust system then this is a classic sign you have a head gasket that is damaged.

– If in the Fiat engine there has been a large amount of coolant loss and there are no easy to see leaks then this is also a sign that you have a head gasket problem.

We have Fiat mechanics who can repair your head gasket quickly at the right price

At our garage we invest in head mechanics with years of experience in head gasket repairs. Here are photos of our Fiat mechanics working on a recent blown head gasket.

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