Turbo problems with Vauxhall insignia’s

In the garage workshop today we have a Vauxhall Insignia pictured below.

The owner of this vehicle was coming to the garage as the vehicle was losing power when out on the road.

Under our garage workshop we have all the latest vehicle technology that help us diagnose faults in cars. We plugged out auto logic computer into the Vauxhall Insignia. The error code that displayed was P0243 which is an indication of a turbo problem.

The vehicle owner also highlighted symptoms to us as well. Coming from the exhaust was white smoke a classic sign of a turbo problem, there was a whistling sound coming from under the bonnet and the owner also experienced loss of power when out on the road when applying pressure to the accelerator.

Checking over the vehicle in more detail we could see that the turbo pipe had split, this was causing the whistling noise and the obvious loss in power.

Here is our mechanic installing a new turbo pipe in the engine of the Vauxhall Insignia.

We received this vehicle to our garage and got it repaired within one day. Yes we are a busy vehicle service garage with many vehicles waiting for servicing in our car park however we have capacity to service up to 20 cars every day. The recent photo below shows just how busy our car park is with 33 vehicles parked up.

However we have grown our garage workshop from 5 specialist service ramps to 10 service ramps doubling our ability to service vehicles. The short of it is this, we can service quickly, reliably and at the right prices.

If you need more reasons to pick our vehicle service garage then check this out. We were recently awarded a certificate from BOSCH for passing a service audit. We gained this certificate as we are able to demonstrate a high level of service being carried out from our garage workshop pictured below, the certificate is also shown below.

Lastly to mention we have mechanics under our garage roof who are experienced with years and years of experience in the motor trade. We all work together as a team and if we need help we pass each others knowledge around to help solve problems. Here are photos of our mechanics working on vehicle jobs coming continuously into our garage workshop.

If you have any problems with your vehicle or the car is whistling like a train going down the motorway then get in touch. We have years of experience repairing turbo problems in models of all brand types especially on brands that are modern and straight off the assembly line.

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