Are you experiencing alternator problems with your Volkswagen vehicle or Volkswagen car

If you are experiencing alternator problems with your Volkswagen vehicle then you have found the right garage to help, our garage workshop is pictured below.

When an alternator goes wrong then unfortunately replacing the Volkswagen’s alternator is the only option. But let’s talk more about what the alternator’s role is in a Volkswagen vehicle.

The alternator is responsible for ensuring the battery in the Volkswagen vehicle is recharged. When the vehicle is running out on the road that’s when the alternator is recharging the car battery in the vehicle. The battery needs to be recharged as if the car’s electrics ran only on the battery without it being recharged then the car would run into problems after about 30 minutes.

An example of a Volkswagen alternator when they go wrong

When Volkswagen alternators go wrong you will know about it as the alternator is an important part of the Volkswagen vehicle. Pictured below we have an alternator we recently took out of a Volkswagen vehicle. As you can see there is extensive damage.

The alternator ceased, cracked and then blew up. Because the alternator was damaged there was no way for the battery to be charged therefore leading to essential functions of the Volkswagen vehicle not working such as the starter motor, if the battery is flat then it cannot operate the starter motor and you will not be able to start the vehicle.

When the alternator starts having problems other electrical components of the Volkswagen car will start to go wrong, examples are, the electric windows will not work or slow down when trying to open them and close them, the headlights will either start to dim or become very bright, the speedometer in the vehicle will stop working and other electrical components.

If you are unable to start your car or recognise any of these symptoms with your Volkswagen vehicle then it is likely you have an alternator problem and it will need to be replaced to ensure the electrics in the Volkswagen vehicle work as they should.

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